How To Do In Person Sales Without A Studio

in person sales May 18, 2020

We know that navigating In Person Sales (IPS) without a studio can be a STRUGGLE (trust us, we've been there!). But, that doesn't mean it cant be done! While it might be a little bit more work on your end, you can still achieve the same IPS workflow from a number of places other than a studio. We're excited to share some of our favorite ways to create an amazing experience for your clients, even if you don't have your own space to do so.


We love the idea of holding your IPS at a location that is practical and neutral both you and your clients! If your clients are from out of town, the hotel they're staying in while in the area is a perfect location to meet up and talk sales. Another great place to meet up would be your couples Wedding Venue (if your a wedding photographer, of course!) Most couples revisit their venue many times before their Wedding Day, so choosing to meet them on location is an amazing opportunity to not only scope out the venue, but also to get...

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