BEST Sample Products To Show Your Clients 📚

When you bring sample products to your IPS Sessions, your clients are able to touch, feel and fall in LOVE with your products! We understand that sample products can be quite the investment, and figuring out what products to have samples of can be stressful. Below you will find a few of our “must haves” sample products. 👏🏻


Albums are one of the best products to offer to your clients! Customized Albums have the ability to tell a full story of the session/wedding all in one product. The many different ways to personalize this product depending on the couples style and taste is also very appealing, and allows your clients album to be truly unique! 

TIP 👉🏼Make sure you order sample swatches for album cover options from your lab so your clients can see all of the options when finalizing their order! ALSO, When designing your sample albums, be sure to only use your best images! Be sure to be mindful that you are telling the full story of your session in your sample albums.


A variety of cards are another great sample product to have on hand! There are SO many occasions that your clients may need to order them throughout the year (even other than save the dates for Weddings!)  Since at this point you have already gained the trust of your clients, you never know when they will need thank you cards, holiday cards, party invitations, and more!  


Wall Art is one of the most important sample products to show to your clients. We believe that if your clients never get the chance to see examples of how beautiful enlarging their prints can be, they are not likely to purchase these epic pieces! (THE BIGGER THE BETTER!) Investing in 1-3 pieces of wall art to have as samples is the best way to go, but we know this can get expensive. If you cannot invest in larger wall art, you can make “mock ups” to show your clients! We know this may not be as convincing as having the real thing, but once you start selling, you can reinvest into real wall art!


We love these smaller matted prints! These make great add ons to packages, as well as gifts for your clients, friends and family.

We always recommend having at least ONE sample product of everything on your price list. Also, be sure to reach out to your printing lab before ordering, many of them offer discounts for sample products! 🙌🏻


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