How To Do In Person Sales Without A Studio

in person sales May 18, 2020

We know that navigating In Person Sales (IPS) without a studio can be a STRUGGLE (trust us, we've been there!). But, that doesn't mean it cant be done! While it might be a little bit more work on your end, you can still achieve the same IPS workflow from a number of places other than a studio. We're excited to share some of our favorite ways to create an amazing experience for your clients, even if you don't have your own space to do so.


We love the idea of holding your IPS at a location that is practical and neutral both you and your clients! If your clients are from out of town, the hotel they're staying in while in the area is a perfect location to meet up and talk sales. Another great place to meet up would be your couples Wedding Venue (if your a wedding photographer, of course!) Most couples revisit their venue many times before their Wedding Day, so choosing to meet them on location is an amazing opportunity to not only scope out the venue, but also to get...

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How To Design Albums For MASSIVE Upgrades! 👏🏻📸

Uncategorized May 14, 2020

Most photographers think the best way to help their clients design an album is to let them pick all the images. BUT, we've found that kind of approach to be extremely time consuming for both you and your clients. By taking the time to build a beautiful predesign of their album and guiding them through the customization process, you are able to walk away from your IPS session with MASSIVE upgrades and ecstatic clients. 


Communicating the plan with your clients before hand is ESSENTIAL to a successful, profitable sale. Making the experience clear ahead of time is KEY.  Your clients are going to have a much easier time making decisions if they know what the process and investment will be ahead of time. For this reason, we make sure to send over pricing and an explanation of the album design session process beforehand. If you want to see exactly how we prep our clients for this experience, check out our FREE email templates! 



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BEST Sample Products To Show Your Clients 📚

When you bring sample products to your IPS Sessions, your clients are able to touch, feel and fall in LOVE with your products! We understand that sample products can be quite the investment, and figuring out what products to have samples of can be stressful. Below you will find a few of our “must haves” sample products.


Albums are one of the best products to offer to your clients! Customized Albums have the ability to tell a full story of the session/wedding all in one product. The many different ways to personalize this product depending on the couples style and taste is also very appealing, and allows your clients album to be truly unique! 

TIP Make sure you order sample swatches for album cover options from your lab so your clients can see all of the options when finalizing their order! ALSO, When designing your sample albums, be sure to only use your best images! Be sure to be mindful that you are telling the full story of your session in...

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Overcoming Objections - Successful Sales

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2020

One of the scariest and most difficult parts of selling is overcoming objections.  When I first started, even the thought of what tough questions or awkward objections would come up made me so fearful of selling.  The problem is, when you allow these fears to take over, your tone and body language shows your lack of confidence and your clients can sense that, and they lose confidence in you, which crushes the sale. 

Here are some of my top tips to help you overcome objections and increase confidence: 

  • Enthusiasm & Excitement Sells, when you are excited and positive, you're clients will want to reflect that energy as well
  • ALWAYS be agreeable 
  • Predictability... are you able to predict what might come up? Can you stay in control/ one step ahead?


This snippet of content was taking from our Spark Success Coaching Program.  If you enjoyed what you see here, and are looking to take a deeper dive into improving confidence and mastering smooth sales...

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